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User story of Felix, a new chat contributor

  1. Felix has been using Firefox for 6 months and wants to start helping. He clicks a link to "Helping with Live Chat" from the Superheros Wanted page.
  2. After reading a bit about Live Chat, he clicks a link to the Live Chat Dashboard.
  3. Being a new contributor, he sees a welcome message explaining what Live Chat is and what his next steps should be.
  4. Following the advice, he skims the page to see what questions are in the queue right now and who is online answering them.
  5. Felix decides to try out Live Chat himself. He presses a link or button on the dashboard to begin helping.
  6. If we have a toolbar or sidebar for managing chats, it should load at this point.
  7. Felix is automatically joined to the sumo IRC channel
  8. Felix talks to Abby, a seasoned contributor who is answering questions. Abby suggests that he double click a chat from the list of current chats on the dashboard.
  9. Felix tries to join a chat between Abby and a user named Janet concerning Firefox being slow.
  10. Felix joins the room after Abby confirms his request (knock) to join.
  11. When the chat opens, he sees the full backscroll and question details so that he can jump right in.
  12. Felix clicks back and forth between Janet's chat and #sumo to watch what's happening and talk to Abby about solutions.
  13. While watching the chats, Felix searches the forum and finds someone reporting that a recent update to an antivirus toolbar has slowed down Firefox. After getting permission from Abby in #sumo, he asks Janet whether she has that add-on.
  14. Janet gets her problem solved by disabling the add-on Felix suggested. Abby thanks Felix for the help and asks whether he wants to try another chat.
  15. Felix only had a few minutes to help, so he thanks her for the offer and says he'll be online later.
  16. Felix leaves the site.

Requirements for Felix to advance to the next stage, the Live Chat Helpers group

  1. The contributor accepts a question and reviews the question details
  2. He/she asks questions to ensure an understanding of the problem, optionally using canned responses for common troubleshooting questions.
  3. The agent either tries appropriate basic troubleshooting or searches the KB+forum for a solution.
  4. If the contributor needs help because troubleshooting doesn't work and a solution can't be found, he/she asks in #sumo.
  5. If he/she needs to leave before finishing the chat, he/she invites another helper or gives the user instructions to follow up later.