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User story of John, a seasoned contributor with elevated permissions

  1. John is looking at lolcats and notices that the Live Chat dashboard app tab has started to blink.
  2. John switches to the tab and sees one or more of the following:
  3. A notification containing Abby's ping
  4. Tobias's question flashing in the current chats list, because he's been pinged about it
  5. The #sumo chat tab blinking, since that's where he was pinged
  6. John joins Tobias's chat and answers it.
  7. John decides to monitor all the current chats. He'd rather avoid being pinged about every single chat, so he wants to do it discreetly.
  8. Being bored, John decides to take a few interesting questions from the queue. One is a user wanting Abby back, so he pings Abby asking her to join.
  9. John gives some advice to contributors in #sumo about the current chats.
  10. John is at rest knowing that the app tab will blink again if:
    • he gets pinged again
    • one of the chats he "owns" has new activity