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TCP/ETP Community Project

Project details

With the rollout of Total Cookie Protection TCP, the product team are interested in proactively collecting information on site breakage and other issues as they relate to Firefox's Anti-Tracking features like TCP and Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP).


The Customer Experience (CX) team is able to better identify and track site breakage issues caused by TCP/ETP and to collaborate with the product team on resolving them.





Problem statement

  • The anti-tracking team aren't able to understand the real volume of site-breakage issues due to a lot of noise on their reporting system.
  • is lacking of documentation when it comes to site-breakage troubleshooting.

Desired outcome

  • Generate a report to provide back to the product team about anti-tracking related issues that the CX team are able to collect.
  • Generate a community project template and engagement strategy for future use.
  • Educate contributors on site-breakage troubleshooting and bug submission for anti-tracking-related issues.

Success metrics

  • KB audits for anti-tracking articles are 100% completed (KB)
  • All anti-tracking related articles are localized to 5 priority locales (Localization)
  • We’re able to understand true volume of site breakage issues related to anti-tracking (Forum and Social)
  • Contributors are trained to spot anti-tracking issues and file a bug report (Forum and Social)


The anti-tracking reports are out of scope of this project. CX will only use data that we have from our platform.

Communication plan

  • We will form a contributor focus group to help with this project.
  • Public comms will go out on the first week of March.
  • Project weekly check-in will be recorded and shared with contributors on the focus group.
  • Comms will be done in the contributor forum, Matrix and/or Slack, KB discussion, and potentially Bugzilla.

Project timeline

See TCP/ETP - Project Timeline for more detail.

Project tasks



  • To follow until the KB work is done

Forum and social

  • Review the filtered list of questions and categorize them by type of breakage. See guideline for more information.
  • Provide URL of the site-breakage if identified
  • Provide suggestion on tagging process across channels