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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-02-04


  • Weekly metrics [1]
  • 0.5 milestone status (localization)
  • In-product status
    • Bug for in-product landing page [2]
  • Server push?

Knowledge Base

  • We are continuing to get a lot of comments from people expecting a reply. I've stopped removing comments; so you can a better idea of the problem. There are patches on the staging server for this, but we're waiting on the "Ask a Question" page. David, if you need help or don't have the time to create the page, I'm sure the rest of us will help.
  • No new contributors. Older contributors are continuing to contribute.
  • 3 new article requests, 3 new articles.
  • Some confusion about article assignment, and where article discussion goes.


  • Status? (contributors, traffic, software, etc.)

Live Chat

  • Firebot now tells us when Live Chat changes state - Cww
  • new new account process: "trainee queue"
  • Firebot now tells us when a new account is created - Cww
  • exam time: open less, no new helpers
  • emailed and talked with jive: review or list of top bugs and prioritize