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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-02-18


  • Weekly metrics [1]
  • 0.5 milestone status (localization) [2]
  • 0.6 milestone status (in-product help) [3]
  • All redirects were done on Thursday. Thanks to for figuring out the correct .htaccess script. Next step: find other links to on that point to support pages, and switch them. [4]

Knowledge Base

  • (en-US)2 new article requests [5][6], 2.5 new articles [7][8][9](third one isn't really a new article, but an old support bug, that was moved to sumo)
  • No new contributors
  • Still a lot of article comments, looking for support.
    • Quick overview here. Still needs work, but it's a start.
    • Implemented on 17 new articles. Some articles affected by bug 413197 or bug 413192. Some are Windows specific. Dynamic content will be updated last.
    • Please help implementing this. I would rather translators translate articles after this has been implemented.


  • Traffic up another 30%, now double what it was a two weeks ago.
    • Combination of update and increased traffic site-wide.
  • Contributors still doing same excellent job - very few questions go unanswered
  • With increased traffic, really seeing the need for more forum features to be able to follow up better (question answered status, indication if you've posted in a thread)
    • Many features depend on getting bug 409315 done. Looking for feedback on that.

Live Chat

  • Revised hours
  • 10 new accounts this week, due to press?
  • Meeting to prioritize list for Jive