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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-03-24


  • Weekly metrics [1]
  • 0.6 milestone status (in-product help) [2]
  • Decide day for SUMO day

Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: New article requests: 2 [3][4] , Article bugs fixed: 0
  • L10n updates for locale leaders will now take place on
    • No notification of new translations [5]
  • Going to call for new firewall articles for upcoming Firefox release. [6]
    • Will ping trolly about EnumProcess progress [7] - np
  • Version info add to Using SHOWFOR


  • Contributors:
    • New contributor: jscher2000, about 50 posts this week
    • 3 contributors (Quarantine, Bo, cor-el) at around 3000 total posts each!
    • Quality of service seems good, but looking to get more contributors to prevent burn-out among "ultra-helpers".
      • Mix up Live Chat and forum helpers?
  • Stats
    • Number of threads down again, but still about the same as it's been for the past month.
    • Will run scraper to see if adding Tb to "Ask a question" page was effective. If so, will consider adding Safe Mode or "Can't connect after upgrade" to it.
  • Software
    • Some useful fixes coming down the pipe, like "list of threads I posted in".
    • Some bugs that would make others easier to do coming too.
    • Performance a big issue, probably the #1 complaint right now [8]
      • Will the other performance fixes help load times for people logged in and user the forum?

Live Chat

  • Several new accounts this week, will see if any turn out to stick around
  • Figured out high no-answer rate
    • Bug in software means queue time-out is stuck at 4 min
    • Contacted Jive, making it high priority
  • Configured transcripts - users can now get a copy of the chat emailed to them
  • Added "Did you know?" module to Live Chat pages with links to live chat helping page as well as contributor home page