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  • Performance status [1]
  • SUMO day -- wrapping up
  • Weekly metrics [2]
  • l10n freeze for in-product -- need to announce and provide diffs and instructions for localizers
  • UI l10n strategy -- need alternative way for localizers to translate UI using one single text file

Knowledge Base


  • Status

Live Chat

  • Already added the basic stats to the weekly metrics (chat length etc), haven't added the number of active contributors as that requires counting by hand
  • Status update - The queue timeout issue has been fixed. Chase directed me to a setting I hadn't seen before. Users should now be able to wait in the queue for 10 min before being redirected. The average wait time should thus make a big jump next week, and the number of unanswered chats should drop (comments added to those fields on the spreadsheet)
  • Sumo day went well, not a lot of new contributors, but a handful of good ones who are already involved in the community, we'll see if they stick around.
  • Will publicly add a new "trial" shift for european times, 10am PDT to 12pm PDT, though users looking for help at this time seem to be North Americans, will see if this changes