Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2008-04-21

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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-04-21


  • Performance status [1]
  • Weekly metrics [2]
    • Moving Profiles?
  • Interface l10n ETA this week [3]

Knowledge Base

  • Status


  • 1053 threads last week
  • Until we get a tracker/tagging/whatever to know things to document in the KB, using a thread to track these things.
  • Some patches waiting for review. New patches waiting for np's computer to become un-busted.

Live Chat

  • New 10 min timeout seems to be helping
    • Stat is quite high as the stats for 17/4 to 19/4 are
    • Total number of users entering chat queues: 293
    • Number of users never picked up by an agent: 127
    • Cww was open, maybe he knows what happened? Really busy with only one on?
  • Don't seem to have any sort of extra interest for the trial shift, though there are a lot of users finding us at 11am PDT
  • Openfire Enterprise is now open source[4]