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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-04-28


  • Weekly metrics [1]
    • Is "New contributors" just anyone who signed up as a contributor? If so, a better stat would be the subset of those who actually contributed. -np
    • Is there a bug filed for not having polls on certain pages? -np
  • SUMO Day 2 - Friday May 16th (18 days left)
  • UI l10n

Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 6 new article requests [2], 4 new articles [3]
  • Changing the default diff view [4]
  • 27 article comments looking for support
  • Ideas for troubleshooting walkthrough


  • Still waiting for patches[5] to get looked at
    • np's laptop is back, but hooked up to a big CRT. Any new patches would likely just rot other patches.
    • Changes would be good to have for the next sumo day...
  • Nothing terribly interesting stats-wise.

Live Chat

  • Status