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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-05-19


  • Performance update
    • Memcache basically done, ready to test on staging
    • Queries per page went down from 170 to 19!! (Was 270+ before laura, nelson and les started to work on perf)
    • Still working on master/slave bug
  • Weekly metrics
  • Firefox Screencast Contest launched
  • SUMO Day planning
    • Workshops
    • Landing page
  • Second draft of Contributor Home Page redesign Draftbug
  • Search requirements reorganized. Need input on priorities or if there's anything important missing.

Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 3 new article requests [1][2][3], 4 article bugs fixed [4][5][6][7]
  • Firefox 3 work:
    • RC 1 is out. You can now add Firefox 3 screenshots to the knowledge base, if they are taken from RC 1.
    • Tracking page for updating article text for Firefox 3. I'd like to have everything under "Articles that need updating" done this week.
    • Articles on installing and importing shouldn't be updated until just prior to release.
    • We also need articles for Smart Location Bar [8], Smart Bookmarks folders [9], and Using webmail as your e-mail client [10]. (Still unsure if we need a separate article for places.)
  • Still getting responses to survey
  • Vundo trojan article discussion forum discussionarticle in progress. Should we have an article for this?


  • Another normal week stats-wise
  • Would like to get at least List of threads I've posted in (patch ready) for sumo day. Makes it easier for people to follow up on problems.

Live Chat

  • About 10 new sign-ups last week, not sure how many have stuck around
  • Wait time in queue is really low, going to play with settings to try and get it higher
    • Raise queue timeout limit to see if it's from people falling off the end then getting answered right away
    • Possibly lower chat max to 3