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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-06-16


Knowledge Base

  • Knowledge base is a "go" for Firefox 3.
    • Some updates need to be made at time of release.
  • Bugzilla: 2 new article requests [1][2], 8 article bugs fixed [3].
  • Screenshot policy resolution (Disagree with it? Post in this thread.)
    • Limit screenshot content per article to 200k.
    • Do Firefox 3 screenshots first.
  • Video on how to translate articles:


  • Question solved status up and running [4]
    • Not too many marked as answered because it's limited to people who registered to post their question.
      • 1% of all threads marked as solved
      • 11% of all threads started by registered users marked as solved
    • Should be a good source of potential KB content
  • Brace for Firefox 3 impact
    • Quick turnaround on Firefox 3 support articles would be great for reducing questions asked.
    • Identify issues for a potential 3.0.1.

Live Chat

  • Release week plan
    • 3 shifts of 3 hours
  • Approval criteria almost finalized [5]