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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-06-23


  • Weekly metrics
    • New calculation of top polls. Previous results were only using the top 30 polls. New results use any en-US articles with over 20 results
    • Can't load action log screen to get stats
  • Firefox 3
    • Working on getting stats on most common issues. Tiki not being co-operative.
    • Possible stats:
      • Most visited articles (Urchin)
      • Most voted on articles (Tiki)
      • Most helpful articles, based on number of votes (Tiki)
      • Articles/external URLs linked to most often in forums (Tiki)
  • SFD3 feedback
  • Status of Google SoC projects
    • Screenshot annotation [1]
    • Search [2]

Knowledge Base

  • Status?


  • Big thanks to all those who helped in the forum. There were a lot of questions posted, but we got through it well.
  • Bo and cor-el now over 10,000 posts!
  • Some intermittent bugs with the forum - pages showing up with a different stylesheet, new posts not reflected immediately, can't delete posts...

Live Chat

  • 46 New accounts
  • updated to 3.5.2 last night
  • time to start hacking group