Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2008-09-15

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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-09-15


Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 2 article bugs filed [1][2], 1 article bug verified fixed [3]
  • Still gathering feedback on new editor.
  • New start page for Firefox Support localizers [4].
  • Policy on linking to add-ons discussion in [5].
  • What to do with out of date/obsolete pages.


  • Forums are still slow but not throwing database errors.
  • Participation is up this week, yay!

Live Chat

  • zzxc is without power today, Cww in charge of livechat for the day, pulling stats.

Metrics [6] [7] making KB polls off.

Norton 360

  • Main thread: [8]
  • Call with Symantec on Wed to finalize suggested workarounds.