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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-09-22


Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: no activity (all around pretty quiet week)
    • remember to add user-doc-needed to bugs that require changes in documentation or new documentation
  • Add-ons policy
    • Policies page is updated, but could improvement. [1]
    • New content block: label=amo
    • Add-on links have been removed from most articles with some exceptions. Dynamic content still needs to be applied
  • List of top articles for translation: [2]
  • Looking for suggestions on how to get more approvers to review other people's edits [3]

Support Forum

  • Traffic slightly down, by ~ 15-20%

Live Chat

  • Traffic down; chat requests down almost 30%
  • 2 new accounts created, 0 account approvals
  • New common issues: crashes (crash-stats still down, bug 455999), yahoo toolbar causes window jumping, Firefox 3 "crashes entire computer", default browser corrupted/wrong browser launches on Windows.