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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-10-06


  • Weekly metrics
    • Traffic in page views has been constantly up since MU. (more people accessing in-product articles, which make the bulk of our traffic) (cilias)
  • Last week's weekly support issues
  • Logo feedback [1] (cilias)
  • "Are the links on the front page detracting people from using search?" discussion on [2]

Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 2 new article bugs [3][4], 1 bug verified fixed [5]
  • Firefox 3.1 changes [6]

Support Forum

Live Chat

  • Top live chat issues, several need investigation or more information
  • 4 new chat accounts, 1 account approval
  • We are now following up chats in the forum after the user understands what to do. All chat helpers should search the forum for their name after helping, to catch followups.


E-mail sent to localizers, early feedback:

  • Fix bugs that prevent widespread adoption of SUMO first before asking localizers to help en masse.
  • Goal should be to get more people (isn't it always?) and increase communication between locales/en-US
  • Would like info on how to get started translating and keeping translations up to date