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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-10-13


Knowledge Base

  • KB metrics (Cww)
  • Bugzilla: 1 new article request [1], 0 article bugs verified fixed
  • Going to send out survey to localizers this week
  • All top 15 articles are in Japanese!

Support Forum

  • We're back to not being able to load threads. bug
  • Policy on hijacked threads.
  • Policy on threads asking for more information.

Live Chat

  • Top issues - full report coming soon
    • Many users can't figure out how to sort bookmark folders due to bug 400447
    • More info needed on Flash sound issue, bug 436686
    • Yahoo logins not working for some people, seems to be related to Yahoo Toolbar
    • Preferences not saved, same as last week
    • Logins not remembered after restarting Firefox, same as last week
    • Strange Mac issues (fonts look wrong, gfx issues, window positioning wrong) fixed by clearing Mac caches.
  • 6 accounts created, 0 accounts approved
  • Traffic down last week, percentage of chats answered up to 70%
  • New blog post about scheduling live chat hours, anyone who can help should add themselves
  • Live Chat CSAT: idea page updated, bug 458713


  • No more feedback. I think we should just pick a date and hope that we have the response that we need.
    • Nov 14, 21 work best for me, but I'm open to suggestions.
  • Who is best for making presentations? Current topics:
    • How to localize articles
    • Tips and tricks for keeping up to date on translations
    • Localizing for Firefox 3.1