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Knowledge Base

  • KB metrics (Cww)
  • Bugzilla: no activity
  • 270+ articles with no language set [1]: If you can help assign languages, that would be appreciated.
  • We're going to use SHOWFOR for Firefox 3.1 content. [2]
  • Looking for ways to determine who to promote to approver (if other people are reviewing edits, how do we become aware of who should be promoted?)

Support Forum

  • Traffic down.
  • New off topic forum
  • Plan is to do one-on-one feedback with forum contributors this/next week.

Live Chat

  • 7 new accounts, 0 approvals
  • Traffic about the same, up to 75% of questions answered
  • Top issues
    • Bookmarks not saved (4 cases)
    • Preferences not saved (3 cases)
    • Crashes (18 total)
    • Confusion with "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" options (3 cases)
    • Turner Media Plugin videos not playing properly (3 cases)
  • Other issues
    • Generic "0" error when installing Firefox on Windows (2 cases)
    • Two people confirmed that they were unable to connect to any sites after installing Symantec Antivirus, uninstalling Norton 360, and upgrading Firefox.


Topic of SFD: Localizing sumo

We're planning to have a 3-hour event in 3 different timeslots: one for Asia, one for Europe and one for the Americas.

  • Friday Nov 21st, 5 AM GMT (2 PM Tokyo time, 6 AM Central European time, Thursday 9 PM PST)
  • Friday Nov 21st, Noon GMT (9 PM Tokyo time, 1 PM Central European time, Friday 4 AM PST)
  • Friday Nov 21st, 7 PM GMT (Saturday 4 AM Tokyo time, 8 PM Central European time, 11 AM PST)

Each session will hopefully have the following "events":

  • Presentations: These will be mostly short and pre-recorded with someone present to do followup and answer questions and perhaps do live demos as they see fit. The reason we need prerecorded is because of the three separate timeslots.
    • Localizing SUMO: Getting started and translating your first article. (Cww)
    • Keeping your translations and locale up to date: finding out when things change and working with your locale to complete translation. (cilias)
  • Longer term goals for 2010. djst (+Mitchell Baker?) leading into... a roundtable/open discussion on 2010 goals for Mozilla. (More details will be ironed out this week)
  • An open meet-and-greet. This will give everyone a chance to find other people interested in Firefox Support in their language and coordinate efforts.