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Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 1 article request [1], 1 article bug verified fixed [2]
  • Text mockups for new article editor are posted in Contributors forum thread (will blog about it soon)
  • Crashes article is now split up into separate articles. If you see any bad links update them.
  • 253 articles without a language (Down from 278), but still a lot. If you haven't gone through them, please do.
  • Discussion about re-evaluating in-product help for Firefox 3.1
    • How big should it be?
    • Can we better organize the content in product help?
    • What content should be covered in in-product help?
      • Are there any other good places for help-topic links?
    • Discussion in

Support Forum

Traffic dropping steadily. Not sure why but that's a good thing, I think.

Live Chat

  • Metrics update
    • Traffic slightly up, around 75% of chats answered
    • 14 new accounts last week
    • Number of helpers taking at least one chat: 9
  • Live chat issues, ranked in order of frequency. Full data and chat logs are available on the Live Chat issue guide.
    1. Lost bookmarks, bookmarks not saved, and bookmarks not working
    2. Crashes (on start, due to Flash, on downloading, on loading a PDF (bug 444930), "randomly")
    3. Firefox will not start
    4. Blocked connections due to firewall
    5. Flash will not install
    6. Yahoo login issues
    7. Tech evangelism issues (Top TE issue: Back button on ebay results not working)
  • Working on splitting the Live Chat issue guide into two pages, "Live Chat issue guide" and "Troubleshooting guide".
    • Outline of "Troubleshooting guide" on pastebin. Feedback?
  • Feedback on the live chat documentation is wanted