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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-12-15


Knowledge Base

  • Summary of feedback from localizers
  • 255 article comments.
    • List of useful article comments from previous week [1]
    • This week, I'll start grouping them, to include in weekly metrics.
  • Alice says removing places.sqlite is not the solution for places locked, and that it should be the solution in Bookmarks and toolbar buttons not working after upgrading
  • SUMO 0.8 will include SHOWFOR support for Firefox 3.1!
  • Articles on installing Firefox will need updating for Firefox 3.0.5 (due out this week), because of the new way the EULA is presented. See bug 465855.
  • New content block: closing the Options window. [2]
  • KB data now includes all poll questions and CSAT for your easy reference.


Of new threads this week:

  • No reply or "other": 845
  • Request for more info: 793
  • Solved: 150
  • Proposed solution: 39
  • Locked: 17

Need to follow up to see what exactly is generating this data and why it doesn't match with tiki-admin_actionlog.php.

Live Chat

  • Metrics update
    • New accounts created: 8
    • Accounts approved: 1 (tom08)
  • Common issues
    • bug 406646 (Menus take a long time to load, and the first item in the menu is automatically selected. The workaround is to hold down the mouse button when clicking.)
    • Location bar complaints (bookmarks in location bar)
    • Data corruption (sqlite files, preferences, passwords) remains an issue. The most common fix is to remove the affected file and restore a backup.
    • Unable to connect after upgrading Firefox
  • Live Chat CSAT coming in 0.8, including easy forum replies after the chat session is over


Cww off to Hong Kong tomorrow morning!