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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-12-22


Knowledge Base

  • Private Browsing article is up!
  • Lots of updates for 3.1 content
    • Big thanks to Bo, who has been doing most of the updating
  • In Firefox meeting I asked about what is being about Smart Location Bar
    • Drop-down setting in Privacy panel to set suggestions to "History and Bookmarks", "History", "Bookmarks", or "Nothing".
    • UI was recently put in nightlies, but pref || has been in about:config for a while. It should be in Beta 2.


Live Chat

  • Contribution way up with the 3.0.5 release, total chat sessions almost doubled
    • 10 new accounts last week, out of which 5 helped with at least one chat
    • New account approvals: mindstormskid, tom06, listerofsmeg, mcgiwer, dan
    • New room monitor: Tanner
  • Live Chat CSAT is now collecting data. Several users have replied to us in the forum using the forum link on the CSAT page.
  • Limited hours this week due to holiday