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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2009-01-26


  • Recap of last (community) meeting
  • Q1 2009 goals
    • Improve website performance (SUMO 0.9)
    • Clear l10n dashboard (SUMO 1.0)
    • UI/UX polish (SUMO 1.1)
    • Update Knowledge Base for Firefox 3.1
    • Optimize SUMO start page for finding solutions to problems using manual A/B tests
    • Support Firefox Day
    • Establish biweekly communication with Live Chat and Forum community members for better outreach

Knowledge Base

  • Options window sub-articles have been pushed to KB, and articles linking to it have been updated.
  • New Czech and Vietnamese locale leaders. Welcome Pavel Cvrcek (JasnaPaka) and NGUYỄN-Mạnh Hùng (loveleeyoungae)!
  • locked places help-topic should be working in all its glory. Any update on streamlining the solution?
  • Found a critical bug regarding showfor versions detection, which is most likely the cause of some articles have a low understandability rating. bug 474842


  • Thread rename policy
    • Ask moderators to actively rename? Or rename retroactively?
  • Should we have standardized answers for "monkey article" questions? (In particular cookies.sqlite, places.sqlite and using about:config to customize the awesomebar.)
  • bug 472310 preventing threads from showing on the first page, patch almost ready, will be fixed in 0.8.2

Live Chat

  • Metrics update
    • 21 new accounts last week (3 helped in at least one chat, 2 approved into support workgroup)
    • Traffic and participation still up
    • Of ~600 questions, 11 were from Firefox 3.1 beta users
  • Disconnections continue to be a big problem; some users took 4+ tries to stay connected. (471456)


  • Twitter is up at ... I'll try to tweet interesting discussion threads in Contrib forum and support.planning as well as every blog post.