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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2009-02-02


  • Brainstorm on how to improve pages like How to Contribute and Contributor Home Page to help grow our community
  • Decide on SFD theme:
    • Firefox 3.1 best new features (leveraging press around 3.1) and how to support them and get started using them.
      • Pros: will get lots of people
      • Cons: requires getting input and speaking from 3.1 devs which may be a little hectic.
    • Keeping you and your computer safe online (addressing Firefox 3/3.1 security features, what the different kinds of security certificate mean and why it's important that we warn users about all the possible problems, also malware, what it is and what to do about it)
      • Pros: really important thing that we cover this for our users and the videos can be great tools later.
      • Cons: It'd be a publicity conflict with 3.1 since it comes out at roughly the same time so I expect fewer participants.
  • Weekly metrics
  • Last week's weekly support issues

Knowledge Base

  • 3.1 category is up.
  • 12 translations of the Options window split text received. I've implemented 2, and plan on devoting this week to implementing as much of the rest as I can. [1]
  • New help-topic link: about:privatebrowsing is going to have a link to our Private Browsing article. bug 475551
  • Firefox 2 EOL text is on support.planning [2]
  • 2 new articles:
  • Looking for McAfee users to investigate how to prevent it from disabling the Firefox pop-up blocker (w/intructions and screenshots)


  • Now consistently more contributor replies than new threads so we've hit critical mass.

Live Chat

  • Metrics update - participation slightly up:
    • 7 new accounts, 1 new active helper, 2 account approvals (NicHelps, orcadas)
    • Open 18.9 hours last week.
    • 12 total contributors active last week
  • New room monitor: lslutsky