Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-02-23

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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2009-02-23


  • SFD status
    • We will be using mogulus as before. I'm looking into maybe simulcasting any interactive parts in Theora so that people can check it out if they have the beta.
    • Topics:
      • Private Browsing (the big one!)
      • Detachable tabs/switching tabs
      • SLB preferences/advanced modifiers
    • Possible discussion ideas (just one!)
      • Firefox development?
      • Demo of "not-user-facing" features: video tag, tracemonkey, security things?
      • Mozilla history (with Asa?)
      • Or no discussion at all, keep it short and have community time?
  • New contributor documentation status
  • Weekly metrics
    • Number of new staging articles may be affected by bug 477543 - " "Translate this page" on KB articles does not default to staging area for non-admin"
  • Last week's weekly support issues
  • Malware-related issue update
  • Firefox 2 traffic down to 1.89% -cilias

Knowledge Base


Contributor participation down (the top 3) two weeks in a row. This is mostly because one contributor isn't helping as much.

Live Chat

  • Chat issue guide updates
  • New chat query script on tools server allows viewing all chats by issue, to track the frequency of each issue from week-to-week
  • Tobbi is now a Room Monitor
  • Metrics update
    • 13 new accounts (12 inactive, 1 joining Contributors, 0 taking chats)


  • Next open format meeting.
  • Blog schedule.