Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-04-20

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Knowledge Base

  • Options window split is done.
    • I didn't get translations from pl, uk, and zh-CN
  • All references to 3.1 should now say 3.5.
  • "Hotmail full version does not work in Firefox 3" is now archived.
  • Could someone review bug 398633 "KB article: Error opening Internet shortcut or local HTML file"
  • Some staging copies are not in the staging area. If anyone wants to help investigating why, please help. bug 487362


  • Number of threads down and number of contributors down ... not sure why.
  • Starting review of unanswered threads

Live Chat

  • Participation in Live Chat still high, metrics waiting on bug 488791.
  • New Fastpath/Webchat plugins going live Tuesday for SUMO 1.0.2 on Tuesday, changes in 1.0.2
  • Investigating crash issues from chat users
    • More people crashing on startup with no crash reporter


  • Contributor Home Page status?