Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-05-11

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Knowledge Base

  • Updating for 3.5
  • Still need to get the Firefox Crashes sub-articles up bug 491948 bug 491949
  • Screencasts: Going to start material for contributor docs.
    • What software to recommend and ways of creating ogg files (will ask around)
  • New Serbian locale leader: Welcome Miloš! (IRC: Milos SUMO: Milos )
  • Looking at ways of better organizing KB metrics data to present to contributors. (not just article comments, but poll data, top searches, do we address the weekly common issues, and the big question: Are people finding what they are looking for?)


  • Jump in number of unread threads. -- due to no Quarantine.

Live Chat

  • We are now using tags to better track common issues in live chat. (List of top tags from last week, crashes are still the top issue)
  • Metrics update: participation slightly down from prior weeks, but traffic is still high with ~1000 chats per week.


  • I have three blog posts for the next three days, plus a possible one (still need to draft) for later in the week about new search (depending on how the switch goes). -cilias
  • Community surveys: Ready to send to ~80 live chat accounts, plus forum accounts.
    • Any final feedback on the questions?
  • Cww has forum survey.