Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-05-18

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Knowledge Base


Live Chat

  • The community survey about participation launched on Thursday, I will be blogging about some early results this week (Wednesday?)
  • Metrics update: There were 2 new contributors last week, with 20 total people helping.
    • The number of hours open has been calculated wrong in some prior weeks, so the data on chats per hour is wrong. These numbers will be corrected this week, most weeks showed about 3 extra hours of being open.
  • Work on the live chat web client has started. (There should be a demo ready to try within a few weeks)
  • List of top chat tags from last week (219 total)
    • User experience and data corruption issues most common
    • Working on better tag reporting (see draft UI)


  • SFD: Will be using open video, shooting for June 11th (Week after RC release... will push if RC pushes.)