Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-05-25

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Knowledge Base

  • 4 article bugs waiting for review: bug 491948, bug 491949, bug 488589, bug 398633
  • Most modules are now localizable (to prevent user confusion, I didn't make the Live Chat and forum-specific modules localizable)
  • "How to become an approver" section added to Approving articles and edits.
  • 3.5 update:
    • Blog post about status.
    • Article tracker page is created. I just need to mark redirect articles, then link to it in other contributor documentation.
    • Start audit this week.
    • Positive feedback from the idea of creating an article for the internal media player[1][2]. I'll file the bug, and followup on it this week.
  • Measuring the success of the KB page is ready to go. I will also add instructions on how to compare poll data before and after edits.
    • Blog post about it is sent for review.


Live Chat

  • Top chat tags from last week
    • Crashes more common after the>3.0.10 Major Update
  • The scheduled hours have been changed to reduce the length of each shift, as the contributor survey results indicate that contributors prefer shorter shifts spread throughout the day. (There are now a total of 3 hours/day.)
  • Several Live Chat bug fixes are being released with SUMO 1.1, which should eliminate disconnected chat sessions. I will post to the blog with more details tomorrow.


  • about:sumo is almost ready.
    • Going through feedback on latest draft.
    • Looking for ideas on how to let people submit content[3].