Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-06-08

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  • Weekly metrics
  • Last week's weekly support issues
    • Nothing super common.
  • SUMO Q3 2009 goals planning
    • Productize SUMO - Make SUMO a support solution that can be deployed for other software projects
    • Launch Fennec Support website based on SUMO
    • Implement contributor karma system to show recognition and encourage participation in the SUMO community
    • Implement WYSIWYG Knowledge Base editor
    • Implement Web based Live Chat client
    • Forum UX (streamline process of submitting and receiving answer to forum question)?
    • Upgrade TikiWiki to 3.0 and get upstreaming process in place

Knowledge Base

  • KB audit for 3.5 is almost done.[1]
    • Going to start thread(s) in contributors forum about remaining articles.
    • Again, big thanks to Bo for helping out.
    • This raised an issue of having to edit an article just to add it to a category.
  • Translation table of home page is having issues, so if fallback does not work for a specific locale, tell us.[2]
  • Lots of article requests last week. [3]
  • How do we takes search terms, and figure out what users are most likely searching for?


  • Do we force forum posters to have a valid e-mail? [4]

Live Chat


  • SFD definitely June 18th.
  • Next about:sumo just before SFD? Or after?
  • Shirts?