Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-06-15

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Knowledge Base

  • 3.5 KB update
    • RC1 candidates can be used for screenshots. Guidelines posted in Contributors forum.[1]
    • Localizers have begun updating.
    • Some articles will be archived.[2]
    • Handful of articles left to check (working with others to get it done.)
  • Nelson says that new search cannot specify what articles people are clicking on for each search term.
  • What to do with "Cannot connect after upgrading" [3]
  • Adding screenshots tutorial is pimped out (has a screenshots and a screencast on how to add screencasts).[4]
  • New locales: Malay(ms), Romansh (rm), and sr has been split in to sr-Cyrl and sr-LATN.
  • Group permissions page is up. [5]


Live Chat


  • SFD video finally 95% done (thanks to ricmacas and a really really long day converting it to the right form factor. Just need to find a powerful computer to convert to Ogg/theora)
  • RC1 releases today so SFD is NEXT Thursday (25th). Will blog.
  • Screencast blog post?