Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-07-27

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Knowledge Base

  • Any help on crash docs would be appreciated.[1][2][3][4][5], and new this week "_PR_MD_SEND"[6]
  • We're looking at improving articles with a csat score lower than 4. Check out the discussion in the Contributors forum.
  • Locale Leader feedback about using HTC to let non-en-US contributors find local communities and their locale leader has been good. Next step is to draft a localized version.
  • We want to try simplify the process of translating articles. Discussion.
  • Plan for centralizing KB communication is set: create a KB forum with a discussion thread per-article. I'll start drafting a PRD this week.
  • New articles: Cannot scroll with mouse wheel or touchpad and How to clear the cache.
  • Sumodev KB stuff:
    • We're working on making all translations inherit the *additional* category info (Firefox 3.0, Troubleshooting, etc.) of en-US pages.
    • "2.0" will be removed from the "Show content customized for" selector.


  • Tracking contributor retention, what new metrics can we look at? Try tracking individual users who post as "proposed solution" but don't register. -- zzxc
  • Mentoring on forums? How?

Live Chat

  • Top chat tags (crashes and firewall issues most common last week)
  • Welcome to new contributors: itsme95, athaba, moses, robomaster