Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-08-31

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Knowledge Base

  • Specific articles about Bookmarks and Cookies are being worked on, and hopefully in the KB early this week.
  • New articles: Deleting bookmarks, Will Firefox work on Snow Leopard
  • Note about Snow Leopard: Screencast recording is fullscreen-only. SUMO has a size limit of 640x480. Some issues in the forum about Firefox and Snow Leopard.
  • Should we remove the "Print" link in the Actions box? [1]


  • Lots of support threads in the Contributors forum, something happen?
  • Jump in traffic to forums this week

Live Chat


  • Support common-issues triage tomorrow at 10 AM.
  • New SUMO blog theme proposed by leo.
  • Crashes data stored now on sumo_processed DB in crashes table