Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-11-02

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  • Weekly metrics
  • Last week's weekly support issues
    • Re: websites blocking cookies: Findings from forum thread [1] (cilias)
      • They complain about specific sites, not all sites. The sites vary (facebook (no specific app), google, ebay, amazon)
      • Some instances of settings not being saved.
      • Re-installing does not work.

Knowledge Base

  • New article: Entry point js_SaveRegExpStatics could not be located
  • Gathering list of articles that need to be updated for 3.6 [2]
  • SUMO 1.4.2 (next SUMO release) will:
    • add an upload button for adding screenshots.
    • let us switch to a new start page
  • Reword "Did this article solve your problem"? [3]


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