Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2010-03-29

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  • Welcome to the team, Michael Verdi!
  • Q2 (public) SUMO goals:
    • Increase support localization reach by 5% (mostly Kadir)
    • Increase helpfulness of SUMO articles by 2% (mostly djst, cilias, michaelverdi; shared with Metrics team)
    • Implement new support forum (mostly sumodev)
    • Implement new discussion forums (mostly sumodev)
  • Other noteworthy (internal) Q2 goals:
    • Establish support presence on Twitter (Kadir)
    • Incorporate Twitter metrics to our weekly common issues reporting (Cww)
    • Establish weekly reports of mobile Firefox support metrics (Cww)
    • Finalize PRD for new KB (cilias, Kadir, michaelverdi?)

Knowledge Base


Live Chat

Social Media

  • Twitter experiment started this week


  • Unicode wiki page name collisions.