Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2010-06-07

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  • Weekly metrics
    • Is tough to understand the dates. (Metrics are usually gathered Sun-Sat, but the dates on the Google doc are Mondays.)

Sumo development update

  • 2.1 targeted for Tuesday

Knowledge Base

  • Any update on supporting about:config questions? (Revisiting the monkey rule)
  • Removing the warning on the Profiles article might require updating articles that link to it.
  • This week we'll try adding helpful comments to individual article threads in the articles forum (link).
  • We're working on finding areas of overlap with the new MDN wiki. We're meeting with the MDN people on Wednesday this week.
  • We're continuing to run helpfulness tests - status.
  • PRD - We're continuing to work on context scenarios, requirements and workflows. We're expecting a first draft of a wireframe based on that first workflow tomorrow.


Live Chat


  • Summary of SUMO-related summit activities
  • Firefox 4 Beta support update
  • UX testing for Kitsune KB