Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2010-07-26

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  • Weekly metrics
    • SUMO 1.5.6 will give us what we need from Web Trends so we can work on updating our scripts
  • Q3 goals tracking
  • about:support evaluation/discussion
  • Flash video issues: anything we can document?

Sumo development update

  • One focused milestone after SUMO 2.2 to focus on the discussion forum:
    • Add ability to move threads between different discussion forums
    • Add ability to set read permission levels on forums (so we can create a moderator forum, among other things)
    • Add ability to subscribe to e-mail notifications whenever a new thread is posted to a discussion forum (won't send e-mails for each post in a thread though)
  • 2.2 aiming to freeze today.
    • Everyone please test the forum!
    • Non-critical fixes will need to wait, but let's get bugs filed.

Knowledge Base


Live Chat

  • Working on a quick read "answering a question" guide for new contributors.
    • Would a print version and/or video be useful?


  • Contributor home page rewrite (Matthew)
  • Firefox Beta test pilot study feedback
  • Blog schedule