Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2010-08-02

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  • 2 blog posts going out this week:
    • 2 years of German SUMO
    • Features of the new support forum


SUMO Development

  • 2.2 is feature complete and undergoing final testing.
    • Please try it out!
    • Only taking critical or blocking bugs in 2.2 now.
    • On target to release Wednesday.
  • 2.2.1 is next.
    • Starting this week.
    • Very focused, ~3 bugs. Not taking additions at this point.
    • May be interrupted by our onsite next week.

Knowledge Base

  • Plan for dealing with article rewrites.
    • Will post about it and implement this week.
    • Need to work on a better system for Kitsune.
  • Preparing for Mobile site merge
  • Preparing for Fx4 Beta info in SUMO
  • Preparing for Twitter Signpost project
  • Continuing to finalize Kitsune KB mockups.


Live Chat

Goals checkup