Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2010-12-06

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Sumo Development

  • 2.4 is coming along nicely.
    • We're in great shape on the required, user-centric parts.
    • We might not get to all the L10n bugs that ended up here. Please let us know (comment in the bug or move it's priority) if any are more should be fixed before the others.
  • We need to find some way of testing for badly-formatted translations in verbatim before they make it to product, like the fy-NL "{users}" => "{user}" or the French "{date}" => "{date".
    • These can break part or all of the site for a locale if Python can't interpret them.
    • Who knows more about Verbatim than me? What can we do there?
    • Can we get more manual testing of these localizations?



Knowledge Base

  • More contributor docs
  • Mobile updates
  • Cww needs help fixing tables. I have a list of steps and some articles where it's needed, we need to fix all the localizations of those articles.


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