Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2011-02-07

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Sumo Development

  • SUMO 2.5 freeze today.
  • Thursday is our move to Phx.
  • Next Tuesday is the 2.5 release.
  • No hard date for 2.6 (mobile) yet but expect end of Feb/beginning of March.


Please add your questions, comments and concerns before Monday, 9AM PST.


Knowledge Base

  • Michael is continuing with Fx 4 updates:
    • These top articles were finished last week and localizers were notified that they were ready (but that there could be changes as Fx 4 changes prior to release).
    • There is already a change needed to Clear Recent History
    • There are lots of threads in the Articles forum with suggestions and changes. Michael will try to comment on as many as possible but in general, he's trying to work in order of popularity.
    • Even though we're trying to work in order of popularity, Mobile articles also need work even though they generally fall pretty far down the list (#100+)
  • Michael will also be working on screencasts this week.
  • Work is continuing on small screen layouts for SUMO. Michael has been working with Jason Grlicky on these.


Live Chat

  • No update this week