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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2007-10-12

  • Sumo
    • 0.1 milstone next Tuesday
      • Plan is to upgrade today and then work on the other bugs on Monday.
      • Disc and scripts sent to morgamic (who is on vacation, could be a problem)
      • Bug list
      • Add bug 399397 to the list?
        • Not a bug. Google is just slow to update. If the article results appear next week, we will resolve the bug.
        • General discussion on why Google was chosen over TikiWiki's own search function.
          • Google is faster and has better indexing. At least that's what we thought, the question is how good the indexing really is.
          • TikiWiki may use a third-party OSS search solution in the future. When we have it, we will re-evaluate the decision.
          • Drawback of using Google is that we rely on a third party for our search results. This can become a problem if we need critical content to appear. The short term solution for that problem is to prominently link to such content on start page and/or sidebar.
    • Improve theme (djst)
      • Update KB article page first, then start page.
      • Figure out what content we need and what we should remove, then come up with a mockup.
      • For example, tag cloud is confusing, remove it. Show tags for the current article instead.
  • Knowledge Base
    • Increase linking in to Sumo (when is that possible?)
    • We need hidden tags, e.g. needlinuxreview, that shouldn't appear in tag listings of an article, but should still be searchable by us (the contributors). [1]
      • Nelson suggested a prefix, e.g. "_" that would make the tag invisible. Then we could use tags like _needsreview, _inproducthelp, etc.
    • Methods of attracting contributors [2]
      • djst and jason to work on some of that next week.
        • Announcement in mZ (djst)
        • Show "Edit this page" link even for users not logged in [3]
    • Possible variations of articles for Sitespect
      • Too little traffic on the site at this point to justify the time needed to conduct a SiteSpect test.
      • SiteSpect evaluation period expires in a couple of weeks. If we can increase the linkage before then, we can do a simple test.
    • Video?
      1. Find the best screen capture software to use for this, for Windows. (Flashback is a good proprietary tool that is relatively cheap, but we can't expect volunteers to pay for software to help us for free.) (Next week)
      2. Make videos for the top ten articles and put them up on YouTube under a CC license. We can do that ourselves. (Next week)
      3. Encourage the community to create more content. Use very few rules and limitations at this point; encourage creativity so we can figure out what's the best way to present the videos. (Q4)
      4. Write up guidelines for the video presentations (format, use of terms, voice, etc.) (Q4)
      5. Figure out a reasonable way to host the content ourselves. (Future)
  • Forums
    • Implementing forum design (jason)
      • SVN repository is open (read), Jason can hack on Nelson's own site while doing this. Nelson to help Jason with templates, etc in case he has any questions.
  • Live Chat
    • Lucy has a content/layout suggestion for the Live Chat page
    • djst to get a summary of the required text from legal next week. Lucy and Jason will use that to work out the terms or service and instructions and then update the mockup.