Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-04-26

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  • Weekly metrics
    • More people are replying to threads that already contain a reply, so it may be good for contributors to default to "Threads with no replies" in Kitsune. For now, Cww can look at links to the forum from contributor docs, and manipulate the URL.
    • We may see a jump in traffic, because 3.5 users may get another notice about 3.6 this week. Devs have not decided on that yet.

Knowledge Base


  • no update

Live Chat

  • I did some UX testing of Live Chat last week - videos - notes (contributor), notes (user)
    • There's a lot of info. It may be best to create a meeting in which Michael can present the highlights of the audits. Tentatively scheduled for Wednesday @ 9PT.


  • Question of the day
    • Kadir would choose an engaging forum question each day and post it in IRC, to encourage people on IRC to help on the forum as well, particularly Firefox experts.
  • Weekly IRC meetings
    • Many community members don't like telephone meetings, so this would be a weekly IRC meeting. Kadir to ask community members to find out which time of the day works best.
  • RRRT page for SUMO contributors
    • Cww will document how he does the common issues right now, so we can discuss how to optimize it and get community members involved.