Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-08-23

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  • SUMO team workweek coming up in two weeks.
  • David to create a wikipage and schedule with sessions for the workweek


Sumo Development

  • 2.2.2 pushed.
  • Working on 2.2.3--mobile merge. Targeting code complete this week.
    • 2.2.3 could become 2.2.4 when we fix 2-3 issues for the forum with a quick update
  • Still tracking down the email notifications issues. Paying close attention on production, especially noting the email domain and age of a thread/watch when it does work would be helpful. Stage is still fine so don't bother testing there.
  • Work for 2.3 continues as planned.
  • Customer Care page will probably be released as 2.2.4. Not 100% on schedule or details yet.

Knowledge Base

  • Michael to create the mobile landing page
  • Firefox 4 beta 4 to go up this week with a link to SUMO from the first run page.


Live Chat

  • Still 20% more people coming to live chat than before the release of the new forums

Goals checkup