Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-09-20

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  • Everyone needs to think about what interns could do for us.
  • Metrics for metrics team to start collecting
    • David will talk to blake about this.


Sumo Development

  • no update

Knowledge Base

  • Fx Home updates today
  • Mobile article move:
    • Today I'll send out instructions and list of articles to copy. Kadir will notify localizers.
    • Tuesday and Wednesday (if needed) we copy over articles and translations
    • Wednesday and Thursday (if needed) I'll add the Fennec 2/Android updates
    • Friday we'll notify localizers that we're done.
    • (not sure when this should happen) File a bug to redirect the current mobile start page to the new mobile start page.
  • The team will help out with copying once Michael sends around instructions


  • Kadir will give a talk about the forum during the weekly MoFo meeting