Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-10-18

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Sumo Development

  • Knowledge Base!
    • You can start testing and playing with it right now.
    • We've migrated the articles over to the new system.
  • A few key caveats:
    • This is a first pass of the automated article migration. We're still working on it so if you see things that are broken, let Paul known in the bug1.
      • That said, we're never going to hit 100% accuracy, and some things, especially tables, would take longer to do automatically than by hand.
      • We'll be iterating on the migration a bit longer. We will likely wipe out the entire article and history table several times. Do not assume anything in the KB will exist for more than a few hours. (If it's important, copy the markup somewhere else.)
    • We're not close to feature complete. Many things are missing.
      • We've started theme work, and that will be continuing for a couple weeks.
      • We're starting dashboards and other static pages this week.
      • The KB discussion-forum stuff is going. Hopefully will be on stage this week.

Knowledge Base

  • Will finish auditing the KB today
  • Firefox 4 updates starting


Live Chat

  • More new people starting than usual