Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-10-25

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Sumo Development

  • Looks like we'll have a SUMO 2.2.7 release on or around November 3rd for Army of Awesome.
    • Only cosmetic AoA fixes and a couple already-fixed server errors.
  • 2.3 on track. Test day is soon, but you can test earlier!
    • Focus on most common workflows if you want to test the KB (creating, removing articles, adding localization etc.)
  • Michael to file a bug about intro section for Kitsune
  • Michael will save Firefox 4 updates locally and include it on Kitsune
  • Michael to file bugs about search weirdness
  • 'Army of Awesome L10n: Probably after 2.3


  • Metrics Dashboard Mocks:


  • Weekly metrics
    • Traffic went up quite a bit, but that might be due to DDOS.
    • Cheng to check which one it is.

Knowledge Base


Live Chat