Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-11-22

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Sumo Development

  • 2.3 code freeze tomorrow.
  • That is all. :D


  • Everyone: vote articles up/down in on support-staging, so the devs have some data to work with.
  • The exit survey is making progress:
    • Matthew to take up the second suggestion on the etherpad up with Kampyle


Knowledge Base

  • preliminary home page topics and articles are on support-stage
    • Michael: will see if replacing the article lists on the start page with templates makes sense
  • working on new firefox 4 articles
  • Live chat, forum, localization contributor docs
    • Everyone: take a stab at the intro paragraph, make it engaging.
  • Topics ar not inherited by localized pages, they should be.
    • Cheng: will talk to James, about that and that localization pages don't have UI for adding topics

Forum Lot's of new contributors to the forums Cheng: Will see if they are giving legitimate answers

Live Chat