Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2011-02-14

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Sumo Development

  • 2.5 going out tomorrow.
  • 2.6 work underway. Hit with a mobile device.
  • Suggestions ... and other subjects too (from Vito):
  • I would welcome a RSS feed for a set of few selected events, like:
    1. change in the finished articles list
    2. change in the l10n site material
    3. advance reminder (for instance 2 days) for a meeting
    • There may be more, but for me this would do. If I could get this pushed, I dont need to pull anymore - which I all too often forget. regards Vito.
  • What about localization of the start page?
    • We are going to create a new article for the start page
    • James to let Michael/Kadir know about the name of the article, so localizer can localize right away.
    • Release of 2.6 on March 8



  • It looks like traffic decreased over the last week, we don't know why.
    • We are going to wait another week to see if that was just because of the downtime we had during our move to the datacenter in Phoenix.
  • Cheng/Michel to figure out with the metrics team how to handle the poll data from our KB articles.

Knowledge Base

  • Michael is continuing with Fx 4 updates:
  • Michael will continue work on screencasts this week. He'll post a demo with some explanation of how it will work in an article later today.
  • Work is continuing on small screen layouts for SUMO. Michael has been working with Jason Grlicky on these.
  • Requests from Vito:
    1. a locale metric as in old times ("top article X% localized" with the green bar) would be welcome - I know it is planned, sorry for pushing.
      • That functionality is already there with percentages, it's just not green yet.
      • Kadir to file a bug to have color back.
    2. I would not mind to see how many locales, at what level, are involved.It is one of the stronger/strongest motivators at hand.
      • Yes, a bug needs to be filed for this.
    3. think about localized screenshots. - a list of not-yet-localized/not-yet-OSadjusted screenshots would be welcome.
      • Kadir to start a discussion about that in the forums.


Live Chat

  • Matthew to go through the PRD for the web based live chat client with David to see if it is still up to date.