Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2011-08-22

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Sumo Development Update

  • Tim started last week (yay!) and Erik was out, so it was a slow week for changes.
  • Everything else continues much as it always has.


- Apps/AMO Marketplace: In Q4 the Open Web Apps and the AMO project will launch a marketplace where developers can promote their apps for free or for money. We will use a third party to handle all the payments. An open question: What are the support implications? Specifically in 1 to 1 support. Can we relay in developers/third party payments company/contributors to support users with payment issues? Can we afford to offer 1 to 1 support (i.e. email) if Mozilla doesn't get revenue per transaction? (i.e. what would happen if the Marketplace is hugely popular and users contact us regularly?) Ibai is working on this with the Product team but SUMO's input is critical in the conversation.

Firefox Status Update

  • Firefox released last week, we are soliciting feedback via different channels
  • Cheng to ask localizers to help with "input" feedback


  • Everyone: Please take a look at this and think about the metrics that you'd like to see, and that you think would help us a lot.

Knowledge Base

  • The SUMO software update this week will give us a graph of helpfulness percentage for support articles.



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