Support/Weekly Meetings/Notes 2011-10-10

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Sumo Development Update

We got the SOW for the taxonomy work, needs approval still.


Firefox Status Update


  • SUMO
    • No unusual spikes
  • Mobile specific
  • Michelle proposes to combine positive and negative feedback in the SUMO reports that are sent out to Mozilla employees.
    • Michelle, Ibai and Cheng to talk about whether to include both sides in the report.

Knowledge Base

  • We promoted mbrubeck, rnuman and greasemonkey to KB reviewers
  • KB Editors meeting after this meeting.
  • The change from "rejected" to "deferred" in the KB review process changes the dynamics of interaction. It's a great change and a good example for how simple things can make a big difference.



  • Waiting for the Sync-mageddon post-morten.
    • Cause: Instant Sync in Firefox 7 ended up creating and spike of usage. Firefox 7+ queries the servers more often because of the new feature. The Fx7 adoption created a server overload ending in users getting a 503 error every now and then impacting in the user perception.
    • The team was working on improving and optimizing the client code while increasing the capacity of our servers. Now we are preparing.
    • As a consistency plan we worked in the communication of the Status Page and updated SUMO articles to point to the page.
    • Ibai to share post-morten as soon as it's out.

Support Forum

  • Ibai is writing a document that will outline how we could combine the best of a ticketing system with an open forum.
    • Kadir to send his design document to Ibai for that.

Live Chat