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Sumo Development Update

  • 2011-10-18 tomorrow.
  • 2011-10-25 next week.
  • Is there any update about the AoA issue?
    • We are still getting wrong data. We'll try to resolve as soon as possible, but it depends on the Metrics team.


  • BrowserID launched its rebranding (without prior update) last Thursday. Some work done to update the content. The Login pop-up points to SUMO already. The plan included a path in the new AAQ flow. Because of the delay to Q1, should we create an "Others" path in the AAQ instead of the TB one? We could have links to the rest of the sites as it is today but with a form to post questions about BrowserID in our forum. The expected volume is from low to really low.
    • Crystal to meet with Ibai about that specifically.
  • The new top header. Should we remove "Sync" from the header?
    • Yes, it should be removed from the header.
    • In the short term the categories will be products (Firefox Deskopt, Mobile), in the long term the categories will be real categories to be defined by the taxonomy work.

Firefox Status Update

  • Making a major fix to third-party add-on behavior (should catch more add-ons, but not all.)
    • This one is riskiest because there's limited testing.
  • Taking a fix for Firefox + Angel behavior... should be fixed for Firefox 8
  • May pull tab animations.
  • Firefox 8 still on track (Nov 8)


Knowledge Base

  • Lots of articles were updated for Fx 8
  • The two features that would block 3rd party add-ons from being installed without user opt-in are not working as expected (bug 693698 & bug 693743) so there isn't any documentation for them yet.


  • Mobile is moving to a native UI
    • means faster startup, less memory use, and no extensions in the short term


BrowserID articles almost ready (Thanks Michelle and John):

Support Forum

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