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Meeting Details

Mondays (meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) at:

  • 9:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 Noon EST
  • 16:00 UTC during summer
  • 18:00 CET
  • 11:00 CST

Phone call details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 9309 then #,
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then # #sumo <== Click the link to use web-based chat

Sumo Development Update

  • 01-24-12 tomorrow
  • 01-31-12 next week
  • Last known blockers for Elastic Search land on prod today. We will be trying to index on prod for the first time afterwards. *fingers crossed*
  • The first part of the Key Performance Indicator dashboard will land tomorrow.
    • percentages are a little off, but that will be fixed next week.
  • Kadir will do bi-weekly sprint updates to coincide with pushes after a sprint is done.


  • Susan started interviewing staff for Findability and browsability
    • a lot of analysis being done
    • site map being worked on by Kadir and Bram
    • need to do a work session soon to synthesis data into presentation for the whole team.
  • Bram started putting the most important tasks into an app that allows us to test our navigation.
    • Bram made a big spreadsheet of all pages on the site and where they link to. Combining that with what are the most important tasks that people do when they come to sumo.


Please add your comments, questions and updates here.

  • discussion about Army of Awesome Facebook? #Swarnava
    • the Engagement team was complaining that whenever they posted on Facebook, the comments were filled with support traffic. The plan is to check in every few hours after a post, trying to answer some questions and point people to sumo.
    • we need Engagement team to tell us when they post.
    • Verdi asks can this be automated? We're not sure. Facebook platform is pretty limited in that way.
    • David to sync up with the engagement team to pick up the ball, again.
  • Firefox reset feature (this doesn't really have a name) initial implementation may make Firefox 12.
  • Idea to change home page of SUMO for one day to see if we can limit duplicate posts? [Michelle]

Firefox Status Update

Firefox 10: Jan 31st push scheduled.

  • Release engineering is still talking about how the current plan of not releasing to everyone at once is going to work. It's going to be a slow rollout.

Major blockers at the moment: currently GC/CC pauses on mac (v. hard to repro in house); crash caused by malware (can't reproduce in house). We may ship with both. Flash 11 (latest version) isn't compatible with Firefox 10 and OSX 10.5 (maybe).

  • these could be 'latest issue' things that we'll need to document
  • details will be posted in the community forum before the release


  • SUMO
  • We are getting complete logs by now again, we are going to collect logs for two weeks before we compare them to webtrends data to understand our webtrends numbers.
  • In the KB dashboard, articles visits are multiplying.
    • This was a result of the .com-->.org move. The new webtrends token is reporting visits at a much higher rate. Not sure why. Lets update on this next week.
  • Mobile specific

Knowledge Base




  • Add-on Sync stable in Aurora. Ready to launch in Firefox 11
  • Developer team sprinting to launch Sync on Android Native on time. Dependency to create updated documentation.
  • Browser ID log-in on the works. Updates soon.
  • Ibai to update Michael on the status of sync for Firefox 10 ESR.
    • ESR may not support Sync.


  • Beta delayed to March 21st
  • General Launch some time around June.
  • SUMO developments are evolving great thanks to the development team.

Support Forum

  • SUMO day was fun. No numbers yet.

Live Chat

  • We need to remove all references to Live Chat from SUMO
    • there may also be links to live chat in marketing pages. Cww to look at the referrers to live chat pages are.

Chat Log

11:01 djst: r1cky:
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11:04 michelleluna: in SUMO meeting now
11:04 michelleluna: talking about elastic search progress
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11:04 r1cky: <~ stage
11:05 r1cky: screenshot of my local version with prod data
11:05 Swarnava: r1cky: is it not possible to login on stage server?
11:06 michelleluna: now discussing KPI (key performance indicators), Kadir explaining that we'll add new KPIs with each SUMO dev sprint
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11:08 r1cky: Swarnava: if you don't have an account there yet, you can just register
11:09 michelleluna: Kadir will provide an update via the SUMO blog every time there is a post-sprint push with an update about what went into the sprint and we should test those to make sure they are complete
11:09 Swarnava: r1cky: oops, the stage server and the prod server, both have different database?
11:09 r1cky: Swarnava: correct. it was based on a prod database but from a long time ago
11:10 Swarnava: r1cky: ok i will check
11:11 bram: The sitemap skinny talked about:
11:13 Swarnava: bram: sounds good :)
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11:16 michelleluna: UX update: putting together a site map (above link) with all links so we can test the top tasks as a baseline of where we are today
11:17 michelleluna: the test will calculate how long it takes a user to get to the answer, if they get the correct answer, and how direct the path to the answer
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11:21 michelleluna: armyofawesome facebook plan update; Kadir giving background of this project drafted last year
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11:28 djst: ereer
11:28 djst: i think i'm breaking up
11:28 djst: Topal:
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11:28 Topal: djst: yeah, we can't hear you
11:28 Topal: and we can't see you
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11:28 djst: i turned off video for now
11:28 djst: i'm still in
11:29 Topal: djst: okay.
11:29 michelleluna: verid is now updating us about the FF reset feature status
11:29 michelleluna: *verdi
11:29 djst: michelleluna: thanks. i'm still called in, it's getting better again
11:29 djst: not sure what happened
11:30 michelleluna: the reset feature will create a new profile and migrate your data
11:30 djst: verdi: need to be briefer if we want to stick to the 30 minute rule ;)
11:30 skinny: really excited to hear about the reset feature. had to drop for my 9:30
11:33 Matt_G: michelleluna: I sent you a PM on the forums about that topic
11:33 Matt_G: michelleluna: please take a look when you get a minute :)
11:36 michelleluna: Matt_G: yep, I saw it, thank you! would like to chat about it.
11:36 Cww:
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11:39 michelleluna: review this post for more details about the idea to change the home page for one day to limit duplicate support questions
11:40 michelleluna: cheng is providing an update of 3 known issues for FF10
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11:43 michelleluna: cheng will put this info on the contributor forum as a heads up for helpers when we get to FF10
11:44 michelleluna: now an update on metrics
11:45 michelleluna: talking about log data versus webtrends data
11:47 michelleluna: we need to understand the differences in the data, we will start the analysis next week
11:48 michelleluna: the numbers in the kb article visits is a different issue than the logs vs. webtrends issue
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11:49 michelleluna: the kb article numbers have changed because of the .com to .org switch, Ibai is working with the webtrends folks on this
11:50 r1cky: Ibai: we can get the old version of webtrends.js from source control if that helps
11:51 Ibai: thanks, i will keep that in mind if the guy from webtrends needs it
11:51 Ibai: don't worry for now
11:51 Ibai: or...send it to me if it's easy
11:51 r1cky: ok
11:51 r1cky: i can link you :-)
11:52 Ibai: meaning..send both
11:52 Ibai: ok
11:52 Ibai: that works
11:52 Cww: michelleluna: I have a question for you about tablet. On ICS (And maybe just the transformer prime that my friend just bought, the fonts are all glitchy)
11:52 r1cky: Ibai:
11:52 r1cky: adblockplus doesnt block webtrends by default, does it?
11:52 r1cky: i know some lists do
11:54 michelleluna: now a kb update
11:54 michelleluna: review sprint Thursday!
11:54 michelleluna: now a mobile update, sync is in progress
11:55 michelleluna: browserID update as a sync login is also in progress
11:56 michelleluna: sync update; they are planning what to do for sync wrt ESR release
11:57 michelleluna: we need some clarification about what this means for support
11:58 michelleluna: crisis avoided!!
11:58 michelleluna: marketplace planning continues for the preview, but is delayed another quarter we think, more to come
11:59 michelleluna: SUMO day update, don't have the numbers yet, but is was a blast, thanks to all who participated!
12:00 michelleluna: livechat update, need to update web pages for the hiatus
12:00 michelleluna: on SUMO and other web properties
12:01 michelleluna: need to also communicate more details of these web page changes to localizers